Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guest Book Bench

I also found this idea on Pinterest for my wedding.  I never liked the idea of a traditional guest book because, well, What the heck do you do with it after the wedding?!  This AMAZING bench was built by my handy dad and husband.  I showed them a picture of the design I liked and got just that! What can I say they are just that good :)

We bought good old pine wood from Home Depot because I knew I wanted to paint it.  We spent about $60 on the wood (lucky for us we had a gift card from the wedding shower). Just to give you an idea on size the top board is 1 ft x 4 ft.

The decal was ordered from Uppercase Living for about $20 plus shipping.  It was a little pricey for the decal but it looks way better then trying to paint it by hand... and a lot faster too!  I love this company!  You can get personalized decals made to order.  They also have other really fun designs. Check them out!

Once we painted the bench and the decal was applied it was ready for the wedding guests!  I picked a couple colors of a multi pack of Sharpies to go along with my wedding colors.  I made a sign which stated:

 "Today is a day to remeber forever,
 and a guest book is often misplaced. 
We decided to make a bench,
so the memories of today are forever in place!

I framed the sign and we put it by the markers.  Once the wedding was over I sprayed it with polyurethane to make sure the signatures don't rub off. 

As for this project... I wouldn't change a thing! I love it!


  1. We have built a bench too! I'm curious to know how the vinyl has held up.

  2. did you have any trouble getting the sharpie to show up? We chose a stain instead of paint and are having difficulty getting sharpie to show up.

  3. No it showed up fine. My only regret is the markers weren't brand new so some were a little dry. The vinyl has held up fine too!

  4. Does anyone have the plans for building it?

  5. I would love DIY plans as well. I am hoping to surprise my daughter with this on her wedding day.