Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love Sign

This is a sign I made when I was basically broke but trying to find things to do that didn't cost a lot of money. After seeing and buying some like it at a country store. I picked up a cheap black picture frame at Walmart for a few bucks. Then I bought some small scraps of quilting fabric. I love this print. It's very sweet an innocent looking and thought it was fitting with the LOVE message I was going with. For the letters, I bought a small scrap of khaki colored linen material. I got all of my fabric from Joanne Fabrics and only paid a few dollars becuase I bought just what I knew I'd need and I found the scrap of linen material. Then I used black embroidery thread and luckily already had an embroidery needle with a big eye hole.

So once I had all my materials, I ironed all my fabric and then cut the letters out by eye but if you aren't that bold then you can draw your letters in block style on the back and the cut along the lines. Once my letters were cut I arranged them and pinned them to the quilting frabric. Make sure you check to see if it fits inside the frame by placing that over top of your layout. Then, sew everythying on, put it in the frame and... DONE!

Yeah, it was a lot of work and I only made this one.

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