Sunday, July 29, 2012

Personalized Wall Art

Now this craft I thought would be super easy and cheap... it tested my patience and was not as cheap as I thought!  Although, once I saw the finished product I was in love!  My sister and I are now thinking this could be a possible side business for Etsy :)

I found the idea on Pinterest of course... but I didn't notice how small it actually was in the photo of inspiration.  The article said it used wire reinforced clothesline.  When I went to Lowe's it didn't look or feel stiff enough to hold the letters in place.  SO I asked one of the helpful workers what kind of wire I should use.  We walked over to the wall of wire and I picked one out... $1.12 a foot.  I thought 4 yards would be enough to make 4 words.  Not so much... I used all 12 feet to make Winston's name!  I molded his name which wasn't too hard.  The worst part was trying to remember how to make cursive letters! 

I found this awesome yarn at JoAnne's.  I liked that it was flat so it would cover more and that the colors changed.  It was about $5 for a bundle (or whatever you call it).  I think it worked really well, so I would definitely use it again. 

I also used a hot glue gun to secure the ends and put a dot every so often to keep the yarn in place.  I love the way it turned out so my brother found some electrical wire in his basement and we made more :)
Once you get the hang of it, it is pretty relaxing! You can make the letters however you want... SO GET CRAFTY!

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