Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Restyled Cottage Side Table

I got inspired to "restyle" furniture after following the modern cottage blog. So, I started shopping and I found this great little side table for half price at the Salvation Army. It was $5!! I took it home, cleaned it, sanded it down and wiped it with mineral spritis afterwards. Then came paint. I used a flat "Country White" paint I had on hand. I used a good quality brush and gave it 2 coats, letting each dry for 24 hours then gave it a final touch up coat where needed.

Brushing on the paint did leave strokes but I was fine with that because it gave the table more character. I wasn't going for perfecting here. I am all about the shabby/rustic look because if my kids smash it, dent it, scrape it, etc. it's OK.

So, once it was thoroughly dried I went over the corners with a heavy grit sand paper to give it more of that shabby look. I then used a wax on it to seal it and prevent things from sticking, peeling or to protect it from moisture. The knobs I thought were cute I just wasn't a fan of the brass so I spray-painted them flat black, two coats.

I found that cottagey little woven basket at the Christmas Tree Store for about $4 and thought it gave the the table a perfect touch and would work nicely for collecting and concealing junk. Lord knows, I have a lot of that in my house!

I didn't really need the table so I ended up selling it for $65. Took about 3 months to sell in my mother-in-laws shop. It was a quite an investment of time, but the materials were cheap so I'd definitely do it again, especially for something I'd keep in my own home =)

Here are some more pics of it before, in progress and after.


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