Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Quilt

I found the idea for a wedding quilt on Pinterest. I thought it sounded like a great idea so I tried it out. On the wedding RSVP I included a statement at the bottom that said “The bride and groom request a six inch square of fabric to add to their wedding quilt.” I ran into a few problems…

1) Some people did not see/take the time to read the RSVP to notice they were supposed to send fabric.
2) Some people were unsure as to whether they were supposed to mail it back with the RSVP or bring it to the wedding.
3) This is a lot of work! AND because of the first 2 issues I couldn’t finish the quilt before my wedding.
I (with the help of my AMAZING grandma) decided to start the quilt and get what squares I had sewn together to display at the wedding. This is what is pictured :)

To solve my problem of people not contributing I had some already cut fabric choices to choose from in a bin and then a bin for chosen fabric squares. I ended up getting about 15 more squares to add to the quilt! Now I just have to finish it… with my grandma’s help of course!

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